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Explore and Book the Best places to visit in Jordan with Egypt Tours Global​

Enjoy on one of our Jordan tours and explore the marvelous rose red city of Petra, carved into the mountainside thousands of years ago, and visit holy sites like Mount Nebo, traveled by prophets in ancient times. Our tours of Jordan will send you off to float in the salty Dead Sea, explore ancient cities, and be awed by rolling hills, desert valleys, and starry skies. Be sure to check out our Egypt and Jordan travel packages for a tour that spans two countries and many millennia of ancient history. with Egypt Tours Global your holiday will be AMAZING EXPERIENCE . Contact us !

The top 7 best places to visit in Jordan:

  1. Petra.
  2. Amman. Amman.
  3. Jerash
  4. Wadi Rum.
  5. Dead Sea.
  6. Aqaba
  7. Mujib Nature Reserve

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